Sea water at night in 3D - oil on canvas, 30x20cm, 2018

This painting started with the need for dark deep sea water at night. I wanted to teletransport and be there. I couldn’t… So I tried to satisfy my senses. I wanted to have that sensation of being on a boat in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night, and being able to stretch my arm and touch the water.
As I was making it, I was suddenly surprised to perceive some form of 3-dimensionality. And so I concentrated on "seeing" it as 3D to continue the painting.  Although one stroke in the wrong place made me lose the effect. So the making this painting required a balance between intuition and consciousness.  I kept adding texture until I was satisfied with it. As the viewer moves in front of it, one can perceive it as "popping out" from the canvas (though it is obviously completely flat). It was entirely painted with a spatula.
To me this effect was “closer to reality” than a hyper-realistic depiction from a photograph, which is so characteristically 2-dimensional. I tried to address the senses, as these are what ultimately link us to the world around us.