LIght installation - mixed media, dimensions variable, 2019

This piece is composed by suspended transparent triangles illuminated by a lamp that changes colour (and a small holographic piece of plastic.)

The triangles are sensitive to even the smallest change in the room’s conditions. They move in response to the viewers as they walk around it.
On the one hand, this movement is very slow as if its time scale was different to ours. On the other hand, as the angle of the viewer changes, as well as the colour of the light, and the movement of the triangles, these become more or less visible.

The subtle changes on perception create an “image of reality” that isn’t fixed.

I think this piece is about the relationship between the actual objects, the mechanisms of perception, and the consequence on the viewer’s mind. About trying to go to the bottom of the process of  building an idea of “reality” depending on what we see. Here what we see is always in movement, changing, slowly, just like the movement of the floating elements. It creates a sort of meditation, a silence, a dismantling of superficial structures. Ultimately what we perceive with our vision comes down to chemical interactions between the particles of light and the receptors in our eyes.