La Planta - oil on canvas, 140x140cm, 2019

Like a painting inside of a painting floating on a golden tray

that dissolves into blue space.

Like touching something our skin can't feel

nor our brains can process.

Like water and something else

at the same time, and space.

Like a ring of jungle and black hole

Remember paradise - oil on canvas, 70x70cm, 2021

Remember Paradise

I was trying to hide the ugly bits inside

Underneath it

Hides a meteorite

I don’t lie.

I have a glass of wine

With me but I don’t drink it.

Like a tropical trip

Imagine lots of water

Cascades and parades

Of colours in space as the sun kisses your chest

Light please go deep.

All my senses thrilled with the heat

Joy dripping from my skin

Evaporates back into the sunset.

Only happy thoughts from now on  - oil on canvas, 40x40cm, 2021

I want to be like the first scents of spring

Only happy thoughts from now on