My artwork consists on doing research and not just production.

A research about light, space and limits. I explore these subjects in depth, leading me to multiple possibilities and outcomes - like the branches of a tree. I know an old and well-established medium like oil paint can create expectations about style and representation, but I use it rather as a tool to explore my ideas and visions. The result might be abstract, or have figurative elements, but the guiding thread is to explore things which don’t conform to our expectations of “reality”.

To me painting is a very convenient medium to visualise almost anything, and challenge the limitations of physical reality and the human condition. The frame is not a limit : on the contrary, I can play with light, colours, contrasts, space and subjects in ways that are impossible outside of it. It offers freedom, I use it as a portal, or a window to another dimension.

I am interested in things I don’t know what they are, in paradoxes, in ambiguity, in silence, in that which doesn’t exist or is unconceivable. I think it’s my way of reflecting on existence and giving homage to life.

My art practice is in a way my own form of spirituality. It is from a position of peace and contact with nature, contemplation, and flow with "the divine" that I create my artwork at the margins of society.  For me this is relevant in a bigger discourse: the reconnection to the sacred as a form of statement and almost as a political act against hierarchies that have gone out of control.