My artwork consists in doing research not just production.

A research about light, space and limits. I explore these subjects in depth, leading me to multiple possibilities and outcomes - like the branches of a tree. I know an old and well-established medium like oil paint can create expectations, especially about style and representation, but I ask the audience to keep an open mind.

To me painting is a very convenient tool to visualise almost anything, and challenge the limitations of physical reality and the human condition. The frame is not a limit; on the contrary, I can play with light, colours, contrasts, space and subjects in ways that are impossible outside of it. It offers freedom for the mind. I use it as a portal.

I am interested in things I don’t know what they are, in paradoxes, in ambiguity, in silence, in that which doesn’t exist or is unconceivable. I think it’s my way of reflecting on existence and a homage to life.